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For those considering starting a new life in Pearland, Texas, you’ll be in very good company. As one of the fastest growing cities in Texas, people are moving there by the droves.  And it’s not just private residents that have chosen to place themselves in this rapidly expanding city; businesses are moving there too.  According to the Pearland Chamber of Commerce,

“Pearland has seen a tremendous amount of retail growth in recent years and these numbers are evident of this growth. … We have had outstanding developers construct multiple shopping centers that have been successful in making – Pearland a regional shopping destination.”

With so much going on in this city, it is worth taking a closer look at all the amenities that its residents receive and the reason behind this rapid influx of new residents from all over the country.


About Pearland

One of the reasons for its wide appeal has to do with its prime location. A suburb of Houston, Pearland is ideally located at the midpoint between the busy downtown area of the city and the Hobby airport making it the perfect stopping point for the millions that must travel in the area. The route is lined with numerous businesses, hotels, dining establishments, shopping centers, and attractions that can keep residents occupied for days without having to go off the beaten path for anything. 


Quality of Life

Residents of Pearland also enjoy a very comfortable quality of life with everything they need to obtain.  The city boasts affordable housing, excellent educational opportunities, and has been ranked one of the safest cities in the state to live in.

One of the most important factors that contribute to Pearland’s popularity is the low cost of living.  After a survey was completed of 300 cities across the country, the costs of goods in Pearland was found to be below the national average.  This factor alone has made a move to Pearland a popular choice.  As they bring out in the Pearland’s Convention and Visitor’s Bureau,

“Pearland was recently ranked the 5th safest city in Texas, Pearland residents can rest assured that their families are safe and secure in the community and surrounding areas.  Incredible cost of living and the proximity to Houston attractions and culture make Pearland the perfect fit.”

It’s no wonder that so many are beginning to recognize the value of life in Pearland.

It’s the Perfect Place to Have Fun

Pearland is not all business either.  When you’re ready to let your hair down and ease up on some of the stresses of every day life, Pearland is a great place to be.  Whether you’re single or you have a family in tow, there are numerous attractions to see and do right in Pearland but you’ll only be a 20-minute drive to most of the activities you can enjoy in Houston as well. 

No matter what you like to do, see, or indulge in your choice will probably be found somewhere in Pearland.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a guy, a couple or a family, old or young, you could choose something different every week and still find more to do when you’re a resident. 

With theaters, museums, historical landmarks, countless eateries, retail outlets galore, and even a wide number of annual and seasonal events that can keep you busy no matter what your preference may be.  As brought out in Tour Texas,

“Golfers have a choice of play on two outstanding golf courses, miniature golf, or golf disc in Pearland. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy concerts or picnic in our parks with over 175 acres of beautiful park land and miles of walking, hiking, jogging and bike trails.”

It can be an exciting life if you choose to find an apartment in Pearland, such as Alexan Shadow Creek Ranch. You not only get all the great perks for living in this popular destination city, you’ll also be able to gain the benefits of being a true Houstonian as well.  No matter what your preference, background, or dreams for the future may be, finding a new home in Pearland may be the ideal way for you to save a few bucks and live the life you’ve always wanted at the same time.

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